Our Story

Why did we create a Stand-Up Desk conversion kit? We are two developers who’ve spent a large part of the last decade sitting in our chairs, at our desks. We started seeing people around our office sit on bouncy balls, order funny or weird chairs, and build their own stand-up desks. At the same time, we started noticing increased back pain and increasing flab around our waists.One day, we came across some articles about the health concerns with sitting for extended periods of time. It was then that we decided we should get stand-up desks. Together, we pitched our facilities manager the idea of getting rid of our desks and getting cool electric power drive stand-up desks that let you stand or sit for part of the day. After seeing the cost of those units and explaining that the company already had invested in our current desks, our facilities manager told us there was pretty much no way we were going to get some nice stand-up desks. We were bummed. AND we kept seeing info graphics like this one telling us that we were slowly killing ourselves by sitting all day.

We set up our own stand-up desks using plywood and trash cans. They looked a lot like the Do-it-yourself-style stand-up desks like the ones you see online. Not surprisingly, the desks looked like a pile of junk. Other than giving us splinters, they worked fine. One thing we really didn’t like was the fixed size of the trash cans. They were just an inch too tall. We set out to create an entry level stand-up desk that no facilities manager could refuse.

Two failed kickstater campaigns, news apearances, 3 prototypes, lots of hard work and a year and a half later, the stand up desk kit is the most attractive and most affordable way to start standing while you work or to expand the number of standing work stations you offer.

Our Feelings

Sitting for long periods of time at work was making us fat, slow, and unhappy. We noticed that we didn’t have much energy when we got home to the people we wanted to spend time with.


There are a number of studies showing that being more active throughout the day has positive results, both physically and mentally. We loved this study done by Men’s Health and other pilot programs done in schools.

Our Results

After switching to a standing work station, we immediately noticed increased mental sharpness and more energy. It’s hard not to move more when you’re standing. This has led to weight loss and more spontaneous dancing.


After noticing the positive results we had, we wanted to get a more professional-looking setup and help others who were in a similar situation to us. In our spare time, we found geniuses to help us, and we created the Stand-Up Desk Kit.

Join Us

We want to make standing at work as affordable as possible. The Stand Up Desk Kit is priced so low that most companies won’t even require any special order forms. Use the share buttons to let others know about us!